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Barrels of Fun Labyrinth Toppers Now Shipping; Behind-the-Scenes Look at Stern Pinball Factory; Alien Accessories Now Shipping

I have a couple of pinball odds and ends for everyone this afternoon, starting off with the announcement from Barrels of Fun a few minutes ago that its super fancy topper for the Labyrinth pinball machine has begun shipping to customers:

"You won't regret letting these guys out of their crates... much...!

Our Labyrinth Goblin Toppers have made it to Houston and are SHIPPING NOW to customers! So be on the lookout for these mischievous little buggers and be prepared to laugh it up with their witty banter as Labyrinth topper code updates are incoming as well!"


Next up, we have a behind-the-scenes look at JAWS on the production line at Stern Pinball courtesy of their local FOX affiliate.

"Stern Pinball is releasing their new Jaws game. Tim McGill got his own private tour of their factory and saw the game coming together on their assembly line."


Lastly, Pinball Brothers announced that its new enhanced Alien Art of Pinball Xenomorph heads and mini-display frames have begun to ship out to customers in the United States:

"The add-ons have started to arrive in the US, and they have officially started shipping out yesterday from PB USA. This will continue each day this week, and will be ongoing until each and everyone receives their awesome new additions.

The Mini-Display Frames and Xeno heads (both are gorgeous), have finally arrived from The Art Of Pinball. A beyond HUGE kudos to him for somehow making this happen without much of a delay (amongst all odds) with his country at war at the same time. Wow.

The add-ons will be shipped out to each customer once all of their order(s) arrive. E.g. if you ordered an Mini-Display Frame, and/or Xeno head, they will be on the way to you this week (since they’re both in stock now); and keep an eye open in your PayPal account to find your USPS tracking information.  For those who ordered other add-ons (in addition to the Mini-Display Frame / Xeno head) they will be on the way to you as soon as all of your other add-ons arrive. Each and everything is either in route, or close to being on the way extremely soon.

The toppers will follow up lastly, with them still being on the way to the US in mid-February. Keep an eye on your emails soon for your final invoice for it. Congratulations in advance for picking a topper if you did, as they will definitely not disappoint!! I hope everyone can understand that we are shipping everything out as soon as humanly possible, but some things (wars / Customs clearances / etc.) is out of our control very unfortunately.

However, we sincerely appreciate your patience; and at only $10 for overall USPS shipping (who does that?!?) we are trying our best to give back to all Alien owners and enthusiasts at the same time to do the best we can; and we plan to continue to do the same thing moving forward only and always!!

The Stern factory video:

Pictures of the Labyrinth topper ready to ship and the topper launch video:

Images of the new Pinball Brothers Alien accessories shipping:

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Hopefully this is a good sign my Labyrinth will also be shipping soon as well!!


How awesome does that Goblin topper packaging look? Seems like everything Barrels of Fun does is top notch. Hope that quality continues.

Replying to

Even the damn box looks cool! lol

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