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The Church of Pinball, One of the Most Amazing Personal Collections I've Ever Seen

The Church of Pinball is almost mythical amongst diehard pinball people. Some have heard of it, but few have actually ever seen it. Several years ago, looking for a place to house his massive personal collection of pinball machines Joe Newhart of the distributor PinballSTAR Amusements came across an old church that was no longer operating that was for sale in his neighborhood. Thus the Pinball Church was born.

The fine folks at Spooky Pinball and Joe were kind enough to take us on a video walkthrough of this absolutely massive collection of some of this huge pinball collection and all sorts of other cool collectable stuff. So many Limited Editions, so many official toppers, so many rare're definitely going to want to check this out!

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills

I’ve seen this collection up close when I sold Joe my Ali. It is literally mind blowing. Joe is an awesome dude, and an exceptional steward for this priceless collection.


I have been to a brewery that was once a church in Pittsburg. I wonder if this place is also in Pennsylvania.

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