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Cool New Pinball Documentary - FULL TILT

I was very tied up with family affairs this past weekend, so I'm just catching up on all of the latest pinball happenings today. I'm a sucker for documentaries in general. My Netflix and Amazon Prime queues are filled with them. So I was excited to find out that there is a new pinball documentary out there called "FULL TILT."

FULL TILT is an awesome-looking documentary about the Ottawa Pinball Arcade and Pinball Medics by Ben Willms. I wanted to share it with everyone here as soon as I heard about it. I'm looking forward to watching it tonight. Here's a description of the film:

The filming took place for over a year at the Arcade and the Pinball Medics Store, and was completed days before we closed the doors for 19 months due to the Pandemic. While we had little foresight of the changes we would soon have to navigate, the Spirit of the Arcade shines even more brightly from those simpler times in our not so distant past, and helps illuminate our way forward. With the Arcade open once again, the timing could not be better.

This is the beginning of an Incredible new series of Media content we will be involved with, dedicated to Canadian Pinball Culture, featuring more on the continuing upgrades and processes used on our machines, the Arcade, the upcoming Ottawa Montreal Pinball Museum opening this Spring, and a soon to be announced Pinball Arcade coming to the Island of Montreal with enough games to rival Ottawa in numbers and quality.

The full film is embedded below. Enjoy!

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Todd Tuckey
Todd Tuckey
May 23, 2022

Loved it!

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