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Does Spooky Pinball Have a Dual-Theme Horror / Family Game(s) in the Works?

Last night Bug from Spooky Pinball 👻 did another one of his awesome yet-to-be-named weekly pinball streams. During the Q & A session at the end of the show he was asked whether Spooky would ever consider doing a pinball machine with two themes again like it did with Halloween and Ultraman. Here's what he had to say on the subject:

"It was more work than we ever expected. It is an insane amount of work.

When you asked is that something they we would ever do it again, when we first came out with these I probably said in every single interview that we were asked 'would you do another dual theme?' I said 'No absolutely not.' It's too hard. It wouldn't make any more sense for us to do it.

I've definitely changed my mind on that. I do think that dual themes can make sense for us in the future. It's not something that I would be against doing again some day, especially now that I really know how it goes.

There's a lot better ways that we can go about it. I think that we could really crush it if we ever did it again."

This statement is particularly interesting, given the fact that I've heard from multiple people that Spooky pinball has another dual-theme pinball machine in the works. Whether or not that game is next is difficult to say because I believe that they have several in various stages of development.

So what themes would make sense for another two game pin? Given the fact that one side of the Halloween - Ultraman combo was a gory horror film, how about pairing the rumored Texas Chainsaw Massacre theme that I've connected to Spooky here to something more family friendly, like Kaneda's rumored Spooky Looney Tunes pin? That could work.

Later on during the stream, Spooky Luke seemed to imply in the chat that Spooky is working on a game that contains a lower playfield.

Spooky Pinball does not have any significant announcements planned for next week's Pinball Expo. I'm going to start paying closer attention to its Scooby-Doo production numbers pretty soon to try to zero in on when the next launch may happen.

Those of you who want to check out this week's Spooky Twitch stream can do so via the link below:

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