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Exclusive: Sneak Peek at TiltBob Pinball's Upcoming New Pinball Machine - Road Trip

Coming in with some heavy hitters today. Over the past several months, I've revealed the existence of a new up and coming pinball manufacturer, TiltBob Pinball, and the theme of its first game - Road Trip.

As a refresher for those of you who missed my earlier articles, back in April the winner of the "Favorite Homebrew Machine" during the TWIPYs for his outstanding homebrew game "Elf, Bob Nies, announced to us that he is starting a new company called TiltBob Pinball (article below). Flashforward to July and a Trademark search revealed that the theme of TiltBob's first game is "Road Trip" (see article #2 below).

Back to present day...this morning Bob shared a sneak peek at Road Trip with me for me to share with everyone!

An official production number or price point have not been announced yet, but TiltBob is in the process of creating four fully finished Road Trip pinball machines that it plans to bring to the Texas Pinball Festival, which is scheduled to take place from March 15th through the 17th. By the time the show arrives TiltBob expects to be set up for full production of the game.

Road Trip is a packed, fast-playing, four-flipper widebody with a couple of cool mechs, based upon an original theme. It will not reference any existing movies or pinball machines. The machine will feature both a 27" high-end IPS Gaming Monitor in the backbox and a playfield display. It has an old-school physical ball kickback.

That's all I know about Road Trip right now, but I should have more pictures of the game next week and gameplay video of the new pinball machine in action within a few weeks to share with everyone.

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5 kommentarer

Bob, you're a great engineer. But how did you let this be the art package? You can sell a game off just a photo if you pay for good art.

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John C
John C
08. sep. 2023
Svarer til

Artists like Youssi and Freres appeal to the masses.. This? Not so much..

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