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Homepin Launches Official Trailer for Its This is Spinal Tap Pinball Machine

This morning the Australian distributor for Homepin, maker of various pinball parts and the Thunderbirds pinball machine, shared a trailer which it claims Homepin made for its next pinball machine This is Spinal Tap.

The video has text that specifically calls out a number of the new game's features:

  • "Optional topper with animated eyes and" ? (the last word is blocked by the distributor's logo. Mouth maybe?

  • "Hit the spinners to move the guitar"

  • "Exploding Drummer!"

  • "Smash the TV with Ian's cricket bat"

  • "Release Derek from the Pod"

  • "Hail effects spinners for super spins"

Below is the caption that accompanies the video on YouTube:

"This is Spinal Tap Pinball Machine Turns It Up To 11 with loads of features including:

- 27 Inch backglass LCD monitor, Traditional DMD display, Stainless steel ramps, Quick-release steel metal Lockdown bar, Original Spinal Tap soundtracks, Cut video scenes from the original movie, Replica models of famous TAP guitars and Lifetime PCB support."

According to the post, the first of the bulk shipments of the game are scheduled to leave Homepin's Taiwan factory for distributors next month.

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