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Multimorphic Expands Production Facility; Outlines Numerous Design Improvements; New Title Coming

This morning Multimorphic sent out a new Company update that contained several interesting pieces of news.

After reaching a production capacity of 10 P3 machines per week late last year, Multimorphic has expanded its production facility by 5,000 square feet. This new space will enable it to increase its machine and playfield production in 2024.

Multimorphic continues to work through its build queue for ordered Final Resistance modules. It is currently on batch six.

They recently completed its full quality review of its products and have implemented the following improvements:

- The ATX power supply we use in our backbox is being upgraded to a highly rated, Gold-certified ATX supply. All P3 owners will receive the updated supply for free.

- Welded flipper and slingshot pivot brackets had inconsistent quality. Many lasted well beyond our million-activation test cycles, while some failed after just a few thousand activations. Design specs have been updated, the issue has been discussed with and corrected by our supplier, and all P3 owners will receive free replacements for all four lower-playfield flippers and both slingshots.

- Some of our small-bobbin coils (23-800s, 23-600s, and the small-bobbin dual wound coils) were terminated improperly and were subject to premature failures. The manufacturing issue has been discussed with and corrected by our supplier. All failing coils will continue to be replaced under warranty.

- The first version of our end-of-stroke switches (small circuit boards) can fail occasionally due to functional tolerances with the movement of the interruptor flags. We've modified the board and flag designs and further improved the vibration resistance. All P3 owners will receive updated EOS boards and flags free of charge.

- Some of our high-stress 3D-printed parts are being replaced by aluminum or injection-molded parts. Others are being updated to be more resistant to over-tightening and vibrational stress. All P3 owners will receive a number of the updated parts for free, including new aluminum flipper bats for the side target assemblies. Most of our remaining 3D-printed design files will be made available for download on our support site for those of you who may want to print your own spares or different colored parts.

- We've updated our assembly guidelines and QC processes in an attempt to discover more assembly mistakes, such as missing thread-locker on installed screws, earlier in the production process.

- We're switching to palletized freight shipping for our heavier playfield modules (currently Heist and Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity) to reduce the occurrences of shipping damage due to improper handling.

Multimorphic is going to ship replacement parts for these items to existing machine owners.

With its quality review compete, the Company is moving forward with its next game. They plan to discuss the next Title in the next update.

Lastly, Multimorphic is creating new side target covers with cutouts for upper flippers to increase their visibility.

Pictures of the new factory space:

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Man I tell you what...that's how you do customer service right!

Replying to

Easy there Boomhauer! Heh I read this in his voice. Throw a ‘dag-ol’ in there and it’s perfect!


Onwards and upwards for the only company trying to innovate and one of the few to build cool new mechanisms

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