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Multimorphic Pinball Increases Production Speed; Delays Final Resistance A Few Weeks

This morning we received a business update on Multimorphic pinball from the company's founder Gerry Stellenberg.

The Company has increased staff, boosted its cabinet inventory and hired a new production manager. These investments have enabled Multimorphic to increase its production speed and whittle away at its order backlog. It has reduced the P3 machine backlog from 16 weeks to 10. The lead time for newly ordered P3 machines has dropped from 12 months to 6 months, significantly reducing the wait time for people who have recently ordered.

Multimorphic has completely cleared its backlog of modules, however the ship date for its newest game Final Resistance has been pushed back several weeks from the Company's previously stated early July launch date. Several of the parts for the game were not up to Multimorphic's standards. Despite the delayed start of shipments, the improved production speed will actually allow customers later in the queue to get their games ahead of schedule.

The Final Resistance delay will also allow the game's code to already be at Version 1.0 when it ships.

Multimorphic is bringing both Final Resistance and Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity to the upcoming Southern Fried Game Expo, which takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from on display July 28-30. The show games are available for pre-sale to interested parties starting Thursday 7/20, with priority given to customers with existing orders. Gerry is conducting a seminar at the show at 2:30pm ET on Saturday 7/29.

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