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New "Otto" Figure Mod for American Pinball's Oktoberfest

Josh Kugler, formerly of American Pinball, recently announced that he is going to begin selling an improved "Otto" figure for the company's Oktoberfest pinball machine. In the announcement, Josh stated that the original Otto figure in the OEM version of the game never really lived up to the vision that he and Joe Balcer had for the character when they were working on the game. The new figure not only looks much more realistic than the underwhelming original figure, but it even has moving arms. Pretty neat.

Each replacement Otto figure will be 3D printed and hand-painted. They cost $200 each plus shipping, which isn't cheap but if I had the game I'd definitely get's a vast improvement over the original. Josh is only making a few of the mod at a time and he has a growing list for it, so if you want one shoot him a message over on Pinside ASAP. His username there is "rosh."

Here's the Left and Right Handed versions of the new Otto:

Here's the original Otto that Oktoberfest came with:

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