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RUMOR: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball Coming from Spooky - Pinball Party Podcast

I'm catching up on all of my favorite pinball podcasts this week and I finally was able to listen to the latest episode of the awesome Pinball Party Podcast. After discussing the "Reddit Pinball Guy" Jurassic Park rumor that they were the first people to discover, Jason, Rachel and Cale played a fun new pinball rumor game that they're tentatively calling "Figure It Out."

In the game they state three pinball rumors, one of them they know to be true and two of them are not true (probably). The rumors in this week's game are as follows:

1) Stern Pinball is developing a second shaker motor type.

2) Spooky Pinball's next game is based on the horror film "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

3) Stern Pinball is taking a queue from JJP and updating its sound system to more than a 2.1 on future games.

So which one is true? I actually have seen the Spooky Pinball Texas Chainsaw Massacre rumor mentioned on Pinside before and personally heard independently that it is in the works. The franchise is clearly open to licensing its intellectual property, based upon fairly recent video games and board games based on it.

So which rumor is true? Time will tell, but my money is on a Texas Pinball Massacre.

Another interesting tidbit from the show is that the top earning game at Cale and Rachel's Electric Bat Arcade (AZ) is Stern Pinball Stranger Things (Premium)! That game seriously earns on location even though it's been out for a long time and was not very well received initially. The fact that this baby earns so much lends even more credibility to the rumor that another run of it is coming. The #2 earning game at Electric Bat is currently Stern Godzilla. #3 is the very limited James Bond 60th Anniversary.

Whatever the true rumor is, the podcast segment sure was interesting so kudos to the Pinball Party Podcast. I've provided a link to the episode of the show that I was referencing below:

Pinball Party Podcast Ep 38: Figure This Out

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Joe Fritz
Joe Fritz
04 сент. 2023 г.

I hope it's TCM 1974 or better yet TCM II 1986 (or both)!


I’m gonna go with the upgraded sound from Stern, though that may just be wishful thinking!

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