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New Puzzle From Mystery Pinball Company Hints at Licensed Rock Pin Launching in October

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

So I was thinking about the Mystery Pinball Company this afternoon and sure enough I received a mysterious envelope in the mail from them. The letter that they sent me filled with stickers was postmarked from Denver, Colorado. Is that relevant? I'm not sure. Given how many random locations across the country Mystery Pinball's stickers have been showing up probably not. It could just be one of their associates.

In conjunction with the stickers, the fine folks at this mysterious company e-mailed is the following Puzzle and another picture of the upcoming machine, showing that it is a 5 Ball game.

I just ate a giant meal of Cuban food and beer and I'm stuffed, so I need help decoding it. Here it is. Let me know what you're able to come up with. I'm very curious as to how much they're willing to give away here.

At first glance, it looks like this new game is a 5-Ball Licensed Rock Band Pin that is going to be revealed in October at Pinball Expo.


The Pinball Folks and apparently Puzzle Wizards Jordan and Rebecca of Fliptronic already solved the entire thing. I've pasted it at the very bottom of this article after my dinner pic :)

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Robert Bryan
Robert Bryan
02 oct 2023

There are other words in the Word Search that may be clues. I found words that can spell out "I turned the world upside down". There was an endless stairs scene in Labyrinth where things could be upside down.

Me gusta

It bothers me more than it should that no one noticed the given letters in the crossword spell QUEST

Me gusta
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