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New Tour de France Pinball Design from Jon Norris

The well-known pinball designer Jon Norris, who was a designing machine who churned out game after game for Gottlieb back in the 90s (and one of my favorite older Sterns, High Roller Casino - if you have one that you'd sell, hit me up), recently shared the design for a new Street Level pinball machine that he has been working on on social media. Titled "CHAMPS ELYSEES" the game is intended to have a generic bicycle race theme, loosely based upon the famous Tour de France race.

This isn't the first time that Jon has toyed with the idea of producing a Tour de France-esque game. According to The Internet Pinball Database, he played with a design for a pin based on this theme back in the mid-80s, though that design looks very different and much less refined than his current one.

Jon was most recently a designer with Deeproot Pinball, but he is not currently with any company in the industry. He seems to be interested in pitching the game to potential manufacturers. The layout looks really cool to me, so if you have the capability to build pinball machines, give it a look! In the coming weeks Jon will share more information about the design. Here's what he has said about it so far:


I’m happy to announce that I have completed a new street-level pinball design. This is an unlicensed “Tour De France” theme that would be a perfect first game for any new pinball start-up. It uses generic “Off-The-Shelf” assemblies and would be easy to manufacture. I’ve completed both the playfield design and rule set.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about some great features on this game.

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Pamela Hart
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