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New World Record for the Longest Time Playing Pinball

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Congratulations to Drew Robishaw, who this weekend broke the World Record for the most consecutive hours playing pinball! Drew played a Stern Stranger Things Limited Edition for a whopping 62 hours and 20 minutes straight on the Twitch channel Batcave Pinball.

It's almost equally impressive that a pinball machine could go for that long straight lol. Kudos to man and machine for breaking the record.

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Sep 07, 2023

Congrats to the new record holder. It is extremely stressful to do that much time and his record will stand. I laugh at his selection of STh LE because when the game was released, it had six unsolved mechanical issues. Also Stern didn’t mention the UV lights nor mode. All fixes and the uv mode have since been resolved.

But Stern should subcontract him to stream an all you can play on new pinball releases. I’d welcome him playing Venom. He is like a canary in the coal mine and such a feat demands game reliability. Stern could staff event with a string of people to be on hand to fix the game and help officiate the whole effort.

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