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Proof That Stern Pinball's Comic-Con Reveal is Likely Venom?

About two weeks ago I broke the news here that Stern Pinball's next Cornerstone pinball machine will be playable at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place from July 20th through the 23rd (see link below). Conventional wisdom at the time was that Stern would finally reveal the Brian Eddy designed, Zombie Yeti art Venom pinball machine that was originally slated to debut at last year's Comic-Con but was pushed back in the production schedule.

Despite this logical guess as to the game that will be at the show, lately there has been a lot of rumblings that we may not see Venom at the show after all and that a mystery game will be revealed instead (see link below). Despite this chatter, I have been leaning towards the Comic-Con game being Venom...and it seems that now we have confirmation.

Below is a link to the just-launched Comic-Con exhibitor map:

If you recall last year's Comic-Con, Stern shared its booth and hosted an autograph session with Venom's creator Todd McFarlane and none other than Ozzy Osbourne - leading to speculation that Stern's new Venom game would be at the show. Well, that didn't work out very well for us lol. But, let's try it again this year anyhow for the fun of it. According to Stern Pinball Comic-Con page, this year Stern is sharing its booth with something called "Reigning Phoenix Music."

Hmmmmm. What is Reigning Phoenix Music you ask? If you look at the website link for Rising Phoenix Music on the map site, the link takes you to Rebellion Republic. Rebellion Republic partnered with Stern Pinball last year for the Ozzy Osbourne / Todd McFarlane autograph session in its booth. They also represent a number of other bands, including a black metal band named "Venom." That sure seems like pretty a lot of evidence that we are going to see Stern's Venom at Comic-Con after all. Will we see Stern Comic-Con Venom reveal 2.0? This trick didn't work last year lol, but maybe the second time is the charm. Of note, Stern has shared its Comic-Con booth with record labels a number of times in the past, including with Nuclear Blast records a couple of years ago, so its sharing of a booth with one this year is not necessarily relevant to the release.

Another big thanks to Hadi from Frisco Pinball for the heads up on this latest information and the original Comic-Con news! As always, anyone who has any interesting information or just wants to talk about pinball and arcade stuff can e-mail me at or shoot me a message on Facebook Messenger.

Confirmation that Stern Pinball's Next Cornerstone Game Will Indeed Be Playable at Comic-Con

Mysterious Redditor: Venom is not Next From Stern...Is This Possible?

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