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Queen Pinball Reveal Delayed, American Pinball's Next Game Three Months Away

I'm currently listening to the new episode of always fantastic Super Awesome Pinball Show (SAPS) podcast featuring Christopher Franchi, Christian Line and Jeff Parsons and heard some breaking news. Despite hopes that the Pinball Brothers' upcoming game Queen will be at the upcoming Cointaker Super Awesome Pinball Show Tailgate Party, they released the following statement: "We regret to inform attendees, but as of the time that we were editing this show we received an e-mail from the Pinball Brothers stating that there was some approval problems which severely delayed the shipping of the game and they most likely will not be on hand to play at the event." Pinball Brothers stated that they are hoping to bring the game to Pinball Expo in Chicago, which is scheduled to take place from October 18th through the 22nd.

Despite the absence of Queen, attendees of the tailgate party will get a sneak peek at American Pinball's "really imaginative and fun new game." Specifically, the preview will give attendees a preview of the artwork, the theme and the logo for the theme. They are not going to show the full game or the backglass because the full game will probably not be ready to go on sale for another three months.

Another interesting tidbit that I was able to grab from the podcast is that despite the recent rumors, Christopher Franchi did not do the artwork for any version of Stern Pinball's new James Bond game. He does have art coming out on several non-Stern pinball machines soon, two that will likely be released at the same time and compete with each other.

The latest SAPS episode also contained an interview with Pinball Brothers. They stated that they are approaching 600 Alien machines shipped, including both models. Production of Alien will continue in tandem with production of the new Queen game at Pedretti. There will be two lines.

The original Heighway design for the Queen game was a widebody with a screen in the playfield. The design was completely reworked to create the Pinball Brothers' version. Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor did a number of callouts for the new game.

The Super Awesome Pinball Show is always jam packed with cool interviews and information. Click on the link below to check out the latest episode:

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