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Scheduled Year-End Stern Pinball James Bond Production May Be Pushed Back to Fall 2024

Earlier today, The Pinball Network published a new episode of it's flagship podcast, the Pinball Show (TPS). During the episode, they provided their usual Stern Pinball production update.

To me, the most noteworthy piece of news from the update was that according to the show Stern Pinball has expressed to its distributors that there is a "large likelihood" that the James Bond Pro and Premium production run that was scheduled for the end of 2023 could get pushed all the way back until Q3 2024.

Here's the rest of the production news, courtesy of TPS:

- Currently Shipping: Jurassic Park Pro & Foo Fighter Premium have been shipping the past several weeks.

- Mid-August 2023: Stern factory move was pushed back from mid-August to late-August; probably starting in a week or so.

- Late August 2023: Venom Pro

- Mid-September 2023: Venom Limited Edition

- Late September 2023: Venom Premium

- October 2023: Deadpool Pro and Premium and a small run of Foo Fighters Pro and Premium

- November / December 2023: Godzilla Premium.

- Sometime in 2024: Star Wars and Mandalorian.

- Q2 2024: Foo Fighter Pro

- Q3 2024: Godzilla Pro

- Q4 2024: Jurassic Park Pro

Those of you who are interested in listening to the episode can do so via the link below:

The Pinball Show Ep 135: Where Is Pinball Heading?

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