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Spooky Pinball Aiming to Launch New Game from Ben Heck in October 2023

I know that we haven't even seen official gameplay footage of Spooky Pinball's next game, Scooby Doo, yet but it's always fun to talk about the future in pinball. The famous inventor and frequent Spooky Pinball collaborator Ben Heck recently stated in Pinside that he is currently working on Spooky's next game and that he is shooting for a launch of October 2023. By the time the game launches, they will have been working on code for fifteen months.

The next Spooky pin has eight main modes and 5 sub-wizard modes programmed in it already. There has been some rumors floating around about what the next theme is, but I haven't heard anything that I consider to be concrete yet.

For now, I'm just looking forward to seeing Scooby in action. Between this and a new Stern pin in March and new JJP and American Pinball machines in early 2023 there's going to be plenty to talk about in the hobby in the near future. Can't wait.

I didn't have a clean copy of the Spooky Pinball logo to use in this article, so you all get a pic of my Spooky Fang Club Swag straight from Knapp Arcade HQ instead LOL

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