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Stern Pinball Production Update

Yesterday The Pinball Network published a new episode of The Pinball Show podcast. As usual, during the show Zach Meny provided a fantastic update on Stern Pinball's production schedule. People love this info, so I have included it below for your enjoyment:

  • Currently Shipping: Avengers Infinity Quest Pro, Foo Fighters Pro

  • Next Two Weeks: Avengers Premium, Foo Fighters Premium & Godzilla Pro / Premium

  • August: moving to new factory during first two weeks of the month, then Jurassic Park Pro and Venom Pro for locations

  • September: Venom Limited Edition followed by Venom Premium

  • October: Deadpool Pro / Premium, small run of Foo Fighter Pro / Premium

  • November: Wide Open - Mystery Game???

  • December: James Bond Pro / Premium

  • 2024: Star Wars and Mandalorian that were pushed back

The latest episode of TPS contained a lot of other cool information and pinball talk. Click on the link below to check it out:

The Pinball Show Episode 132: Venom Revisited & Presidential Toppers

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