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Better early than late. That's what I tell my boys whenever they need to get ready to go to one of their games. Tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day for me, so rather than release this week's arcade and pinball news on April Fool's Day or worse...late, here it is a day early. As an added bonus, publishing today saves me from having to think up some sort of trick LOL. Last weekend brought us the Texas Pinball Festival. The seminars at the show contained all sorts of interesting information. Here's summaries of the major ones and all sorts of other cool industry news. Enjoy!

PHOTOS: Texas Pinball Festival comes to Frisco

Totally On Tilt: A Rundown of Some of the Newest Pinball Machines At the Texas Pinball Festival

Pinball Machine Sighting…in this Bear Lake, California home that’s for sale. A 1979 Stern Electronics Dracula.

One Man’s Love of Gaming Morphed Into a Huge Vintage Arcade in Wisconsin

Lexington, Kentucky has a cool new arcade…

Sneak peek: Vintage arcade bar, restaurant brings nostalgia, pub food to Lexington

Too soon? 😂

MEME courtesy of FUN! Billiards & Gameroom Superstore

Mirco Presents Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights The Forgotten Tales at TPF

Pedretti Gaming Signs Agreement with Planetary to Produce 2.0 Kits for Other Titles

No Major Announcements at Jersey Jack TPF Seminar

Upgraded Lyman Code for Cactus Canyon Remake to Include Special Hardware

American Pinball to Produce Barry Oursler’s Last Game, Adds New Artist & More

Incredibly Rare Stern Electronics Game Goes Up for Sale

First Run of Haggis Pinball Fathom Remake Machines to Enter Final Testing Next Week

American Pinball Has Big Plans for the Future

Heist and Weird Al’s Hidden Secret

Never Before Seen "Clone" Pinball Prototype

What Happened to the Capcom Pinball Kingpin Remake?

Home Arcade & Pinball Sighting in this WSJ Video About Mansions For Sale

Detailed Pictures & Video of the CGC Cactus Canyon Remake Topper

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