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Unico USA is Developing New Home Arcade Candy Cabs

Here's a cool new product that info has been trickling out about over the past several weeks. UNICO USA, maker of the MVSX Home Neo Geo arcade cabinet and the Phoenix LCD replacement monitors, is developing a prototype for a new home Candy Cab arcade cabinet.

Below are some pictures of the latest prototype of UNICO's upcoming Nova Blast Candy Cab. The Company stated that it will share final pictures, pricing and pre-order dates soon.

The cabinet's monitor can be rotated to play horizontal and vertical arcade games. It's Jamba controller board has different edge adapters that enable it to connect to work properly with different arcade PCBs. Its Arcade Controller Encoder that accepts D-Input, X-Input, and SDL for Linux and Windows for emulation or PC games.

I've always thought that Japanese Candy Cabs are really cool. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new UNICO machine looks like in its final form and with better pictures.

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