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Confirmation that Stern Pinball Has Jaws, but Not All the Assets?

So I’m sitting here in the parking lot of a Bagel shop, about to pick up breakfast for my family and a pinball brunch that we’re hosting and I just heard another interesting relevation from The Super Awesome Pinball Show’s interview with Jack Guarnieri.

Jack talked about how he pursued a license for a pinball machine, which they strongly implied was Jaws, for two years but “when he found out that all he was going to get was a movie poster he abandoned ship” and Stern Pinball scooped it up.

Let’s dissect this. In one small statement, Jack essentially confirmed the rumor that Stern Pinball is making a Jaws pin AND that they likely do not have the rights to the actors from the movie, like Richard Dreyfuss or Roy Scheider, just the shark and the concept. This lends credence to the talk that a Stern Jaws pin would be similar to Stern Jurassic Park, with its own story that is independent from the movies. None of this was said flat out, but the hints were very clear. I wonder if this means that Keith Elwin would be the designer or Jaws, like he was with the similar custom story pin, Jurassic Park.

Here’s a link to the Super Awesome Pinball Show’s latest episode for those of you who want to check it out:

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