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Details on American Pinball's New Game Galactic Tank Force; Pics, Production Numbers & Pricing

This morning the Facebook page for a European pinball distributor Pinball Dreams Belgium shared the following information for American Pinball's newest pinball machine, Galactic Tank Force.

The post contained new information on the game's production numbers and pricing. There will be three versions of the game. The Limited Signed Edition of Galactic Tank Force will be limited to 200 machines. The Limited Edition will be limited to 500 units. And the lowest version, the Deluxe Edition, I assume will be unlimited. Only the Limited Signed and Limited Edition games will convert into tanks, so there will be a maximum of 700 pinball tanks rolling around out there.

Pricing for the U.S. Market for the game is "Call For Price" for the Signature Deluxe, $10,995 for the Limited Edition and $8,995 for the Deluxe. It appears as though American Pinball is not making a "Classic" version of the game at launch. Inner art blades and a GTF banner will be available for sale for $99. The GTF lunchbox is $34.95 (thermos not included). The pricing that I've seen lists prices for certain accessories that are already included with all three versions of the game that are currently on sale, such as a knocker ($50), shaker motor ($99.95) and Magic Glass ($295), so one has to wonder whether a "Classic" version of GTF will be available for sale at a later date?

American Pinball said last week that it would be revealing the game today, Wednesday March 22nd. I have yet to see anything official from the company, but word is that reveal will be at 1:00 PM EST.

American Pinball supposedly will have Galactic Tank Forces (or should that just say Galactic Tanks? Hmmmmm) available for the public to play and "in boxes" at this weekend's Texas Pinball Festival.

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pete tomaszek
pete tomaszek
Mar 22, 2023

This looks friggin awesome

Knapp Arcade
Knapp Arcade
Mar 23, 2023
Replying to

Definitely. I can’t want to play one!

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