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Haggis Pinball Hints Next Remake is Bally Eight Ball Deluxe or Centaur

Minutes ago, Haggis Pinball added a short video to its Facebook page with a caption that says "Coming Soon". The first time I watched it I didn't have the sound on and I was confused because it doesn't say anything, but... if you turn up the volume you can hear the distinct sound of billiards balls colliding.

At first I thought that was a hint that Haggis was remaking Bally Eight Ball (I used to own one so it's the first that comes to mind), but after thinking about it for a second I thought that it probably means that Bally's 1981 game Eight Ball Deluxe is up next in the company's series of five classic remakes. The breaking of a rack of balls sound is definitely there.

Interestingly though one can also hear a motorcycle in the background of the audio, which might imply something to do with another 1981 Bally classic pinball machine, Centaur. The iconic character on the backglass of Centaur is half monster / half motorcycle. Prior to this video, Centaur had been the most talked about candidate for Haggis' next remake.

Listen to the video embedded below and let me know what you think the video means. Do you think that the next game is Eight Ball Deluxe because of the billiards sounds or Centaur because of the motorcycle revving? I still believe that the next Haggis game is Centaur, as I've been saying for a while now.

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