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New Atari Pinball Coming Next Week?

I've been on a huge Atari kick lately. I've been playing tons of the Atari 50 compilation on Steam. I bought the new Atari VCS+ and have been playing the literal original cartridges from my youth on it. I've been playing the Atari Recharged series of remastered classics. And now we may be Atari Pinball?

Atari just shared the following Atari pinball teaser on its official Facebook page. I'm assuming that this is going to be new digital pinball from Atari for PC and consoles rather than a new actual pinball machine from them, but it still sounds pretty awesome to me.

I can't wait until Tuesday to find out what this is all about.

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Fully respect the love for retro gaming but... man, you really needed to have grown up with those early 1980s Atari games to still wanna play them. I've tried so many times and most of them are like straight Skinner Box experiments in how long you can endure the pain. And this is from a guy who rolled over the counter in NES Duck Hunt the hard way.

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