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New Motorhead Home Brew Pinball Machine Coming to Texas Pinball Festival

Updated: Mar 8

Wow check out this amazing new home brew pinball machine themed after the metal band Motorhead. The art, playfield layout and theme integration on this game look amazing.

The machine, designed by the New Zealand pinhead Dave Peck, is a super fast, single-level game that shows live concert footage on the LCD display on the backbox. The awesome art was done by the Texas artist Brad Albright and code was done by the Spooky Pinball coder Matt Kemp.

The machine, which was two years in the making, will be available for the public to play at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival, which takes place in Frisco, Texas from March 15th through the 17th.

I have a good friend who used to sing in a Motorhead cover band and he went absolutely wild for the pictures.

Here's a description of the game from the creator:

"For the playfield, I had to imagine, what would Lemmy like?

While we will never really know, my guess was ... retro, super fast, with shit you can hit! So that's the way I went.

I call this "retro hybrid" ... mixing a retro 80s style layout with modern elements (such as bash toys and kick backs) and modern rules.

Truly the best of both worlds. The fun and speed of a flowy single level with a bunch of spinner action, with 4 different multiballs and 6 pages of mode rules lol

The overall theme for the pin is BOMBER - the iconic album from 1979 - so the cabinet looks like a Bomber fuselage, and the playfield also picks up that theme.

Here's the playfield.

- the return of scissor flippers!

- Snaggletooth Bash Toy moves when you hit him

- Iron Fist punches you when you hit that

- 3 super lubed up spinners for some hot triple spinner action that the Slam Tilt Podcast would approve

- unique mode start hole that can be hit by all 4 flippers (yep, it can!)

- when it was designed 24 mths ago, the worlds first under the flipper 3 ball physical lock.

- worlds first SAVE ZONE on the left outlane ... tiltbob is disabled for some seconds while you try and shake your ball back from a fiery death

- MOTOR and HEAD standups hit with the adjacent pop bumper to give fast scoring and 2x playfield

- shatz target on the left inlane for 2x the next shot (for massive collects if you can pull it off) - again, this was unique 24 mths back when i made my first fliiping whitewood, now its in a couple of new games..

- 2 Magnets - one for hot Snaggletooth action, and one on the right orbit to stage the top loop on "special occasions"

- 3D planes on the back board with mode specific illumination

- THE HAMMER captive ball

- 4 SKULL standups, tied into add-a-ball, mode progression and also their own Skull Multiball

- dead sling on the right side

- S A V E inlanes - complete for a 10 second ball save

- magnificent Brad Albright original art!

Whew, think thats it .. lots of stuff!"

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