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Pictures of Upcoming Stern Pinball Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Game Leak Online

Well that certainly didn't take long. Pictures of Stern Pinball's upcoming surprise (somewhat) 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Jurassic Park pinball machine have already leaked on line. They appear to have stemmed from an unlisted YouTube trailer for the game that someone figured out how to access.

The rumored pricing and production numbers that I mentioned in my previous post, $12,999 and 500 units, appear to be right, at least according to a new product listing that appears on the website for the distributor Game Exchange. That site has pictures of the new pin up as well.

The 30th Anniversary game appears to have a new backglass, new cabinet art, art blades, red powder coating and the other normal Stern Limited Edition treatments. I have not heard who the new art for the game was created by yet. It could have been done by new Stern employee Zombie Yeti but again I don't know that for certain. Stern Jurassic Park's original artist was Johnny Crap.

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