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Pulp Fiction Pinball Notes: No Add-On Topper, Original Plan for the License & More

Between listening to the great LoserKid Pinball Podcast interview with Mark Ritchie and Josh Sharpe and reading about the game online I've learned a lot of interesting facts about the new Play Mechanix / Chicago Gaming Company Pulp Fiction pinball machine that I thought it warranted a post. Here's some interesting info about the game, in no particular order:

  • According to Josh Sharpe, the cool topper that comes on the Bad Mother Flipper LE version of Pulp Fiction will not be available as an add-on for the Standard Edition of the game, like what Chicago Gaming did with the Medieval Madness topper and to some degree with the Cactus Canyon SE+

  • Play Mechanix originally approached Quentin Tarantino looking to make a Pulp Fiction side-scrolling shooter, sort of like the classic arcade game NARC. It was Tarantino's idea to make a pin.

  • Mark Ritchie's original design for the Pulp Fiction pin was a packed widebody game with a LCD display. Tarantino insisted that the game be made as a throwback.

  • Chicago Gaming Company started releasing production parts months ago to build the first 1,000 Pulp Fiction games, but machines can't be built yet because a few of the parts are still in the process of being approved.

  • When all the parts are ready, CGC will build them on a separate production line than the one that is being used to build Cactus Canyon.

Below is a link to the aforementioned episode of the LoserKid podcast for anyone who wants to check it out:

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