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RUMOR: American Pinball’s Upcoming Fall Release is Completely Unlicensed

I was just listening to the most recent episode of the Eclectic Gamers Podcast on a recent walk and Dennis brought out an excellent rumor in his famous “Rumor Corner” segment. The rumor was that American Pinball’s next pinball machine’s theme is ”unguessable.”

He and Tony then went on to throw out all sorts of obscure guesses on what it could be. My favorite was “No Country for Old Men.” LOL.

Well, I‘ll see their rumor and raise them one more. The next AP game is not only “unguessable,” it is also completely unlicensed. And not unlicensed in a Houdini / Oktoberfest / Sherlock Holmes sort of way, but completely new unlicensed IP as far as I can tell. So look for something along those lines from Dennis Nordman and AP this fall.

Here’s a link to the always awesome EGP podcast. Make sure to check it out:

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