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New Straight Down the Middle Jersey Jack Pinball Toy Story 4 Featurette Video

Zach and Greg with Straight Down the Middle A Pinball Show just shared a great extended half hour video feature on Jersey Jack Pinball’s newly launched game, Toy Story 4:

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Gothenburg Pinball
Gothenburg Pinball
Jun 18, 2022

A couple of days later...

I still think it should have been Toy Story without a specific part in the series.

But it can perhaps be attractive to the future players, kids... and therefore future customers. =)


Gothenburg Pinball
Gothenburg Pinball
Jun 14, 2022

I have much to say after I have seen the SDTM-episode that had no actual playing in it.

So not to say everything I say this. If you had a theme of Leathel Weapon, you could do the franchise or LW4, or 3... So if nostalgia and kids attention is the things, why not do the whole Toy Story theme and not the obscure,fourth, movie only known to people who soon think the theme is cringe. Not as bad as Jar Jar Binks and pinball2000 SW ep.1. but with the price this is mostly aimed at rich peoples kids in my opinion. Perhaps Will Smith and his offsprings.

I might be an old white dude, but this feels older white…

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